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A multi faceted artist, Patricia Bebe McGarry has always been an adventurous creative artist.  It is in this vein that she created 10 albums of Poetry Out Loud, and at 20 took poems off the page and made them live in the spoken word in coffee houses, rock concerts, TV shows.


She was featured in Rolling Stone, Swedish International Poetry Festival, BBC, and Studs Terkel Show, among others.


After moving to San Francisco, she began to study acting and dance. She directed, wrote and acted in Give Your Body to the Drum, which was chosen the best music video Mill Valley film festival, from one of her songs on Poetry Out Loud. From there she went further into music and theatre with BEBE GUNN AND THE REAL PEOPLE, a theatrical rock and roll performance group, where she was the lead singer. Featured in People Magazine, Larry King, Oprah, etc., she brought music, dance, and theatre together in a new way.



Patricia turned her hand from being on the stage to writing musical theatre. She studied at the Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop, the Academy for New Musical Theatre. Patricia wrote the book for “The Dependents”, produced at Colony Theatre in Los Angeles and off Broadway NY.


Patricia created JUICE, book and lyrics, after attending the trial of OJ Simpson. This musical was work shopped with Broadway director Tom O’Horgan, 5 time Obie winner Juan Shamsul Alam, and at ANMT in Los Angeles. It was recently chosen as one of the 10 best musicals for Theatre Now’s “Soundbites Festival” on Dec. 9th, 2013 in New York. The showcase of JUICE featured Alan H Green.


She has recently finished DIANA, H.R.H. the Musical, which is about Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales; DIANA H.R.H. was work-shopped in Los Angles at the Lehman Engle Workshop.

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