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From the Trial of the Century

Comes the Musical

It’s time to take another look at OJ Simpson.

Over 2 billion people watched this trial in 1995.

At least 1 billion of those people are still around. 

“The idea is brilliant”

Tim Rice - writer Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita


“The show got its start when writer Patricia Bebe McGarry became so fascinated with the case she went to the courthouse every day. ‘It’s about the trial and OJ’s and Nicole’s obsessive, addictive relationship,’ says McGarry… To quote from the Bronco chase scenes chorus: “He’s not worried/how it goes/not hidin’/what he knows/nothing goin down/except his lady/lyin on the ground.

New York Magazine

“This is a very important piece of work, not just for the US, but the world.”

Tom O'Horgan - director Jesus Christ Superstar and Hair on Broadway


"JUICE is raw, painful, gritty, powerful, and makes the viewer uncomfortable, curious, and not willing to give it up.It touched a dark, deep, place of caring for O.J.--someone I had dismissed as unworthy of any comfort, hope, or opportunity for healing.”

Soundbites Festival - Mary Good, 47th St Theatre, NY 

Book and Lyrics by Patricia Bebe McGarry Music by Gabe Greene

Painting outside the trial by Rodney Van Worth

Painting outside the trial by Rodney Van Worth

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