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“Danger” is a series of 87 stories, and a feature “Animation”  about Emily’s desire to be a great soccer player.


"Danger" was selected for the British 'The Times' Newspaper's Children's Fiction Competition, in association with Chicken House Publishing; extract below:


'We’re running extracts in The Times/Chicken House competition to find a great children’s writer. In Patricia Bebe McGarry’s entry, “Danger,” Emily Reddington, 7 ½ , has made a hugely exciting discovery at the dump:
















Emily’s mother had forgotten to get her Puma soccer shoes and Emily was furious. She was going to  grandma’s where she’d be treated specially.  Emily had pedalled 6 blocks and she was getting tired. She stopped at a sign that said “DUMP” to eat her peanut butter sandwich.


“Yeoooowwww, uggggghhhhhh, ahhhhhhh,  yeooowwwww, yeowwwww! AHHHHH, UHHHHHHH,OHHHHHHH, YEOWWWW” she heard.  Was this what she thought it was rolling on the ground? 


“Yeoooowwww, uggggghhhhhh, yeowwwww! AHHHHH” Emily yelled  falling on the dirt, clutching her stomach.  She waited, and the creature came closer with a bunch of food stuck in his mouth!  “Who are you?”    




“Wow, Wow, WOW” Emily told herself.  He was just about a half foot bigger than Emily, he was a scaredy cat, and he was a real live dinosaur, a T Rex!


'There’s a wacky imagination at work and I also think there’s great potential for a series. Danger’s motto is ‘Harm no living thing’ – is not bad as a catch phrase these days.  This could make a truly engaging novel which younger children will adore.'

                                                                                           - Chickenhouse Editorial


“Defiant Dreamers”

Created by Patricia Bebe McGarry



LA IRISH-Defiant Dreamers is a multi-part drama set in Los Angeles in the mid-40’s.  It follows the intertwined stories of various members of the Doyle family as they strive for wealth and success in Southern California’s real estate, oil, and film business.


America represents the dream that you can escape your past and no one was more desperate for wealth and success

than Daniel Doyle.

The Musical Diana, H.R.H.

    The ultimate story of family, of love, of divorce and power

By Patricia Bebe McGarry


Diana, H.R.H., is a musical about one woman’s triumph over her past.  On the surface, Diana Spencer, fourth of five children, is the least likely to take on the British crown and the reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth. 

Diana Spencer did not have a fairy tale childhood.  Her mother ran off with a wallpaper heir when Diana was 8 and her father got full custody of the 4 Spencer children.  He was aided by Diana’s grandmother, Ruth Roche, Baroness Femroy, who testified against her own daughter in court.  Though the two younger children, Diana and her brother, Charles Spencer, had lived with their mother for a year after she left Diana’s father.  But the weight of the British crown and tradition was with her father John Spencer when he went to court for full custody.


This is the story of Lady Diana, of her desire to have a traditional marriage, one not marred by divorce, and her drive to obtain that at all costs.  It is the story of her eventual rebellion against the “Queen” and the very marriage she had wanted.  She was not Cinderella, and Charles was not her prince charming.  Instead, she was a rebel, one who paved the way for a more modern monarchy and Kate Middleton. Wife, mother, charity worker, this is the story of her change, and her eventual role model for women everywhere.

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