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This mythical rock-soul pop opera, this combination of the Black Moor and the White Desdemona, this division between racial lines; this story of power, ego, and corruption is based on one of the most famous and polarizing trials ever-that of the football great OJ Simpson.


It mesmerized the nation and the world for almost one year.

              begins with the White Bronco heading down the freeway. Crowds cheer from overpasses while helicopter sounds, loudspeakers, and search lights all bombard the audience with the feeling of media overkill. OJ is arrested and taken into custody. 


Outside the courthouse African Americans and whites are divided, putting up their posters and arguing about OJ’s guilt or innocence as Johnnie Cochran and Robert Shapiro arrive in their chauffeur driven cars.


Once inside Judge Ito’s courtroom, Marcia Clark and Chris Darden, attorneys for the prosecution; and Johnnie Cochran and Robert Shapiro, attorneys for the defense, battle it out. They both bring in witnesses, charts, and use the press to bolster their case. Both accuse the other side of lying, cheating, and conspiring to obstruct justice.



















In the midst of the trial OJ has flashbacks of his relationship with Nicole. In the beginning of the trial all is well, but as the trial moves on, the truth begins to break through about their sensuous, obsessive, love relationship.


Both sides give their version of that fateful night to the jury. When the verdicts are read and OJ tells Nicole that “he’s free, they can go home now”, Nicole says she can’t, “she’s dead”.


Nicole sings: “what has happened/what power was thrown away/was it a sickness that love turned out this way?”

Johnnie Cochran signing autographs on his way into court

Marcia Clark rants and raves

OJ Simpson (R) with Bob Shapiro (L) and Johnnie Cochran (L)

Examining the evidence: Judge Ito (bottom L), Marcia Clark (R)

Drawings by Gary Geraths, who attended the trial.

The Musical

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